Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello, friends! This will be my last blogger post for now, though definitely not my last update!

I've moved my more frequent updates to my Tumblr blog; mostly due to its mobile capabilities, but also so that I can connect more easily to more artists. There you will see my current sketches, paintings, and projects. You know, Tumblr stuff.

Thanks for following my Blogger journey, and I hope to see you over in Tumblr land!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Comic Fest 2014!

We have come full circle at last! My very first "colorbyemi" blog post was a wrap-up of the second annual San Diego Comic Fest, and we have just survived the third!

Besides the craziness up in Artists Alley, there were many wonderful events after hours. On Friday night, we celebrated the 100th birthday anniversary of Jerry Siegal, the co-creator of Superman. The celebration took place in the Comic Fest Zone Cafe, where Jerry's daughter Laura Siegal Larson and actor Marc McClure honored his memory and legacy.

After some riveting Suprman trivia, Laura cut the beautiful cake, and Johnny and I had an amazing opportunity to talk with Marc McClure!

Johnny B. Gerardy and daughter Katherine with Marc McClure

On Saturday night, we went to the annual Masked Ball! Dancing, games, low lights and ghostly figures...what a beautiful event it was, thanks to Beata Csanadi!

And finally, during the masked ball, we enjoyed an outdoor performance by Digital Lizards of Doom. Electronic beats, great singing and guitar, a dancing gecko and an evil robot...what more could you want?

 And of course, other than all that fun stuff...was the REALLY fun stuff. Sitting in Artists Alley, a little sketching, a little selling, and a LOT of great conversations with artists and art lovers alike. I was honored to be in the Alley for a third time, among some of the greatest talent I've ever seen.

Photo by Monica M Sharp

With the weekend ending on a perfect 10, it's time to say good night.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Tumblr Roundup #1

Since my good friend Marty Davis moved his brushpen blog over to Tumblr, I decided to go ahead and start an account in order to follow along more easily. I'd been avoiding it for quite some time, as I'm not a big fan of collecting, then ditching, several social media obligations.

I actually think it might be a better format for me, but for now, let's put it on a trial basis, while saving this blog for a weekly roundup.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back from the Dead...of Summer!

Yikes! Four months?

In my last blog post, I was excited for the arrival of the shirts I designed for the summer kids' program. The program began soon after, and what a summer it was! 175 kids and a good 15-25 weekly in my little art club. With the summer days all blending together in haze of field trips, art lessons, heat waves, and power outages, it's no wonder I abandoned the ol' blog.

BUT, with only 17 days left until the 3rd annual San Diego Comic Fest, there is much to do!

I've been trying my hand at colored pencils lately, and I'm planning to have this piece ready by then, featuring a character I created last year.

It's a fun undertaking. I've always wanted to do a full piece with this character.

That's all for now, but this piece should be done in a few days. Then maybe I can knock out another one or two before Comic Fest.

Back to work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer's on the way!

It's been a rocky two weeks, with the Santa Ana wind-fueled wildfires in the neighborhood during a week-long heat wave, and some rushed art project planning for our upcoming summer program! Unfortunately there hasn't been a Thursday Art Club for two weeks for these reasons, but we'll pick it up again soon.

The summer t-shirts are in! I love designing these things, and this is my first time using white ink for the design. A few of the lines ended up being too thin, drowning in the white ink. I was pretty bummed, but I felt better after the kids saw the shirts and got excited.

As for today: a little sketching, a little planning, and short work week ahead, thanks to Memorial Day. Things are looking up!