Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Tumblr Roundup #1

Since my good friend Marty Davis moved his brushpen blog over to Tumblr, I decided to go ahead and start an account in order to follow along more easily. I'd been avoiding it for quite some time, as I'm not a big fan of collecting, then ditching, several social media obligations.

I actually think it might be a better format for me, but for now, let's put it on a trial basis, while saving this blog for a weekly roundup.

This week's biggest standout, of course, is the countdown to Comic Fest. Four more days!! Johnny and I will be in Artists Alley, and there is much to do!
Neal Adams


A few weeks ago I pulled out my old Prismacolor colored pencils, and started an original piece. I spend so much time at this computer that I had all but forgotten what it was like to work with a physical medium. It ain't perfect, but dang it I'm going to finish this piece before Comic Fest if it kills me.

Also, as I was replacing my ever-shortening colors individually, I was dismayed to find that Prismacolor had moved the manufacture of their colored pencils from the USA to Mexico in 2010. The quality of the wood has definitely diminished, adding much profanity to my creative process. But I'll rant about that another time.


 I took a day off from my vacation to go do a Halloween-themed Thursday Art Club. It was your standard step-by-step drawing/trace with sharpie/paint with watercolor project, and the kiddos really got into it.

Kids love to paint. I try to broaden their lessons to using pastels, colored pencils on tones paper, and whatever medium is available in my supplies, but it's the painting that always brings the big numbers into the classroom. There's just something about holding a paintbrush that makes them really feel like artists. :)

Time to get back to work. See you at Comic Fest!

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